For the Casually Inclined



Dress: ASOS (similar, also cute) // Sweater: H&M (similar) //  Booties (similar)   

Winter may be cold, but I love the opportunity it gives you to create outfits out of different pieces that you have lying around. This dress for example, is one I recently found packed away from early fall. I love the print so I decided to pull it back out and it turned out to be a really fun layering piece. 

Not sure where to start with layering? It's really easy.

 Start with a bold fabric (plaid, stripes, polka dots) or a different material (lace, sheer). This can be anything really, a button down, SS/LS, a dress. This will be your bottom piece and you want it to be longer than what you'll be layering over it. Second, choose your top layer. This is going to be your solid color and shorter layer which will allow that print or fabric that you're wearing underneath to be showcased. Depending on the outfit it can be a sweater, sweater dress, SS/LS, jacket.  The fun part of layering is that you can play to your personality and style, not to mention make new and different outfits out of what you already have. Below are some examples to help you get a picture of different ways to go with this.

Have fun.

Sheer     Lace     Jacket     Polka Dot