For the Casually Inclined

Part III, Holiday Party Look: Steal


As always time has flown and Christmas is just a few days away. I'm definitely apart of that majority that is still running around crazy trying to get everything together. Although life can be kinda nuts right now the outfit planning involved in this time of year is always fun. Pregnancy usually throws a wrench in the excitement over clothes but it's time like these that you appreciate the opportunity to pamper yourself a little and get all dressed up. In my last installment of my Holiday Party Looks, a really fun collaboration with Skaneateles 300, I introduce to you a fun holiday look and one you can have for a steal.

As I think I've mentioned before, I don't usually reach for black when I'm dress shopping. I appreciate the need for a great LBD but always find myself trying to find something different that represents my personality a little more. However, with this dress, I just couldn't resist the detail and the fun and flirty look of it when I tried it on.

My favorite parts of it are where the pattern breaks away from the black underlay, it definitely adds depth and style and I love it. A really cool and fun brand, Skaneateles 300 carries a lot of different pieces from Cupcakes and Cashmere that are really reasonably priced, this dress being one of them.

With the constant expenses involved over the holiday's, if you're not looking to spend a lot, but still want something new to showcase, this is a great piece to own. No matter what you're wearing this year, or next, I hope you have a very happy, fun, and safe holiday :)