For the Casually Inclined

Easy Date Night Duds


Lace Dress   //   Sweater (similar)   //  Boots   //    Socks    //    Beanie   //    Bag

I love this outfit for a night out for a couple of reasons. One, because it's really comfortable  and easy, and second, the subtle details of it are really fun. I love the lace dropping just slightly from underneath the long-line sweater, and the lace on the boot socks are just another pop to liven the otherwise very neutral outfit. It's a really simple one too that you can recreate and adapt to your own personal style, in a really affordable way. Dress, sweater, and tights altogether were just over $50. With a date night outfit in that price range, I think you just earned yourself another bottle of wine. 


In the complete frigidness that is February, dressing to leave the house can be a process. You may have something you really want to wear but those seconds from house to car, car to restaurant, bar, etc. leaves you sneezing the next day. For me, fashion (& stupidity) almost always win out. And inevitably, I endure the look, and the head shake, from my husband. A really simple solution, but one that's easy to overlook are fleece lined tights. They're one of my favorite purchases this winter and help to keep me warm on nights I want to wear something other than pants. The quality is really good, and the price is reasonable. 

Stay Warm!