For the Casually Inclined

Sugarfoot Shop


I'm excited to introduce to you Sugarfoot Shop an extremely casual, comfortable, and cool collection of graphic tee's and sweatshirts. Dressing comfortably is who I am but including an element of style is also important to me. These designs make finding those looks easy.  Stay tuned for more styles to be added in the future but for now, let me introduce you to Sugarfoot's debut designs,

Hometown Crew

My favorite crew sweatshirt to date, and I have a lot of them. The inside is fleece lined so it's soft on your skin making it a really comfortable sweatshirt. Not constricting around the hips like some crews can be with a flattering fall that makes it easy to dress up. Inspired by my birthplace and good ol' phonetics. 

Hometown Baby Tee

Forever grateful to where I'm from, it was an obvious choice to make this design in to a toddler and baby tee. A super soft shirt for our babies to wear, the navy print pops off the white background and makes a really fun stand alone piece or, one to layer with in the colder weather.

(DISCLAIMER: model was bribed with Fig Newtons)

Upstate Crew

The same crew style as the Hometown this time in a grey triblend. The comfort along with the color of this crew makes it my favorite of the collection. It has a collegiate feel that makes it an easy choice for a tailgate outfit or a day out with the kids. Navy lettering.

Tomboy Tee

An ode to my past and present, this tee gets me. The maroon triblend color makes it a unique piece and the comfort level continues with it's super soft and worn feel.