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Instagram Photo Heart Canvas, DIY

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For those of you obsessed with Instagram, I'm right there with ya. It's by far my favorite form of social media. We now all have a really fun outlet that lets us tap in to our creative selves, and take beautiful pictures to share with others. For me, and I’m sure others, it’s also something that has presented other artistic opportunities. And in this case specifically, a really easy home decor DIY. 

Below are some directions on how you can get started with your own, 

1. Choose your Canvas

The canvas you choose to buy will depend on your space and what you're looking to fill. I chose a 48" by 60" because this was the sole piece of 'art' that was going to go on this specific wall, plus, I always had a vision of the project being big and eye catching. However, you can use any size that works for you. Once you have your canvas and an idea of how big you want to go with it, now you can order your photos.

2. Order Photos

There are a lot of different sites dedicated to printing and shipping Instagram photos so take your pick. I personally have had great luck with Foxprint. They ship quick, and always have deals going so the cost is always inexpensive. Next, choose your photo size. For my project I went with the 3x3 sizing. I wanted to maximize the amount of photos I could fit on my canvas so I went with the smaller size. As far as total pictures go, I ordered about 105 and I believe I used about 95. 

3. Have a Plan

I chose to create a heart shape with my pictures. Before I got started putting the photos down, I measured the width to find the center of the canvas. Next, I sketched out a rough guide of the heart shape with a pencil, just so I could have an idea of the space as I went. You can be as methodical as you want with the spacing of each picture. In my head I wanted everything to very linear when I began but as the project progressed there were times that I couldn’t be, and that’s fine. I was still very happy with the final project. It’s your own and I think wherever you take it, it’s unique to you and will look great. 

4. Choose your Adhesive 

I initially purchased Gorilla Glue but quickly looked in to something else as I didn’t like the finish this adhesive was producing. The edges of each of photo would stick out, and I wanted them as flat to the canvas as possible. I did a little research and found Scotch Photo Mount Adhesive which ended up working great. Spray the back of each picture, I went along the edges as much as possible and then sprayed the center as well. Place the picture in it’s position and hold for 5-10 seconds. After I completed a section (I did this project over a 2-3 day span) I’d go back and spray the front edges of any pictures that I felt were sticking up too much. The spray is clear so it won’t show but still, don’t overdue the amount you’re using on the front side of the photo.

I recommend doing this outside, in a garage, or basement as it's a spray adhesive so it will get in to the air. Also, your fingers will get sticky, you might have to wash them off mid-project, protective gloves can be helpful but they will get sticky as well. 

Complete Supplies List:

1. Canvas

2. Foxprint (or preferred Instagram Printing Co.) 

3. Scotch Photo Mount Adhesive

4. Measuring Tape

5. Pencil

6. Protective Gloves (optional)