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Thank you


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It's been a really crazy week with the launch of my store. I've been so fortunate to get such positive feedback from so many people. I have to tell you, I am so thankful for all of you who reached out to me. To the people that I've known for years, and to those that I don't know at all. You guys are my motivators, thank you so much.

I ask myself this question daily...what the hell are you doing? Why do you choose to have a blog. You have a child, and a husband, oh and a full time job. You're a nut. Well I agree with myself but, I also know that I love what I'm doing, and I'm glad I got the guts to finally go for it. If there's something out there that you feel could fulfill you, that could make you happier with the life that you're leading. I think you should go for it. Throw caution to the god-damn wind. 

Have a great weekend.