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Glytone Night Renewal Cream

Getting older, in my experience, has actually been a lot of fun. But, as women we have extra pressures when it comes to body and skin changes. I think it's pretty central to first learn to embrace those changes, but also look to take care of yourself in the process. When it comes to your skin, paying for a good product is worth the money. Now that I'm in my 30's I see a dermatologist regularly, and use recommended products. Glytone is a great brand and an awesome anti-aging night cream to add to your regimen.  


I love house plants, and I have a lot of fun looking for different planters to pair them with. One of the best things about house plants is that they are super low maintenance. Most are really hard to kill, so forgetting to water them is usually a non-issue (bonus). The planter you choose to showcase can really help change up a space, and make it unique. Not to mention house plants are natural air purifiers, which can never be a bad thing for the place you're spending most of your time. 

Ear Climbers

I'm a minimalist when it comes to accessories but I love a good statement piece and ear climbers, I think, are the coolest piece of jewelry going right now. Etsy can be a really good source for these, a ton of different stores with all different options. You can go with something really simple for everyday, or add some spikes to your look for a fun night out. 

Cotton Bottom Designs

The really cool thing about our world today is there are so many creative people who are able to showcase what they do, and share it with the rest of us really easily. I come across new small businesses everyday that I instantly become obsessed with. Cotton Bottom Designs is one of those businesses. I love all the prints they come out with and the comfy material they use makes it an obvious buy for the ones you love.