For the Casually Inclined

Dressing up (or down) with Graphic Tee's


jeans [similar here, or here]    |    tee   |    bomber jacket    |   flats    |    clutch [similar]      necklace [similar here, or here]

I have a big collection of tee's. I tend to gravitate towards a good raglan, heathered, or cropped style tee. I think they are super versatile when it come to putting an outfit together and they also just fit my style. This outfit in particular is one I especially enjoy wearing because it starts with a really simple concept, a graphic tee, and from there you have the ability to go in a lot of different directions with it. It gives you a fun opportunity to pull different elements and accessories in. When the weather fits, layering a tee with a cool jacket or cardigan is a favorite look of mine. Choosing a bottom can depend on what you're dressing for, pairing a tee with something like a button front A-line skirt and a fringe bag is a really cute outfit for the warmer weather ahead and is an easy way to dress up the outfit a bit. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what shoe option you want to go with, I love a good pair of peep toe booties, or maintain that comfort with a slip on. As always, it's fun to let your personality shine with the choices you make for an outfit like this.

*I'm excited to share that I'll soon be adding new summer styles to Sugarfoot Shop. Stay tuned for that and in the meantime, for a limited time, I've added an athletic grey option to the Tomboy Tee!