For the Casually Inclined

A Pinafore Look


|   Pinafore + here   |     |   Top    |    |   Scarf  + here |    |    Booties  + here |

It's been a good feeling beginning the process of switching over parts of my closet. Even if I don't feel like I can totally pack up all my sweaters, to bring out some of my spring and summer tee's, skirts, and dresses is fun. I've had this pinafore for a few season's now and it's always something I look forward to wearing. You can create a lot of different outfits out of it depending on what you choose to pair it with. Here I chose one of my favorite cropped lace tops, I love the detail it brings and the way it looks with the navy dress. Being a really neutral outfit I grabbed this scarf to tie around my bag as an easy way to add some color.

Another favorite way to wear this would be to pair it with a good striped tee. This is a really classic look and one of my favorites. Grab a baseball hat, and a pair of white chucks and you've got a really comfy and cute look.

You can also easily transition this to the office. Finding a blouse in your closet to go with a neutral dress like this should be really easy. A polka-dot one is especially pretty. Grab a pair of loafers in a solid, or a floral for a subtle mix of prints and you're good to go.