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Mother's Day Recap

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Almost two years in and I still forget that I get to celebrate Mother's Day. A little slow on the uptake. We had a really fun weekend of food, drink, and family. Which was exactly what I was hoping for. C just recently started a little bit of a separation anxiety thing. Basically, he's obsessed with me, which I gotta say is pretty wonderful. So my two work-free days consisted of the above scene, and it was pretty perfect.

Saturday we took a drive to a local farmer's market that we really love. We got there right in the last hour after ending up sidelined mid-trip via the highway. Without oversharing the detour included a naked baby, hand sanitizer, and an enormous amount of baby wipes (first bout of toddler car sickness, check). Poor C. He's a resilient little guy though and bounced back quickly (tip of the year: don't go anywhere without an extra outfit, socks and all).

There's a ton of great stands full of, among other things, fresh vegetables, organic meats, homemade pesto's and jams, handmade clothes, and fresh and dried flower bunches. The food stands are all varied in style so you can get anything from Thai to personal brick oven pizza's.

It turned out to be a really nice day and it felt good to shed some layers and wear a light jacket. I was recently shopping for some basics and found some really cute tee options at forever 21, including the one I'm wearing. A couple other options below.     

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Jacket (similar)

Aside from some normal, new-parent life interruptions, the weekend was really great. Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow mama's out there. Keep up the good work :)