For the Casually Inclined

Jumpsuits + Street Hockey


Jumpsuit: Free People     //     Shoes: Sole Society (similar, + here)

As I'm driving home from work about to pick up C from daycare, I'm calculating the hours of daylight left in the day.

"Do I have time to get some photos in between now and making dinner? I do not want to jeopardize time with C, can I get it all in, can I do both? Nah, forget it. Wait, I think I can do it... I'm gonna do it."

Welcome to my inner thoughts. Hectic, yes. Manic, maybe a little bit. But, all stemming from a really good place. I love this thing I've created. It's really fun for me and so different from anything I've ever done, but somehow seems to fit most (weird). It's a hectic lifestyle and sometimes a real grind, basically squeezing every possible minute out of every day. But, I love it so, I figure until that stops I don't really have any other choice. 

Now, because these photos were all taken while simultaneously playing street hockey with my son (thank you crop function). I thought it'd be appropriate to pair this post with a few tips for those of you just starting a blog, or considering the idea. I know that overwhelming feeling, I still get it - all the time. So, as minor as these things may seem, I really believe they can help, 

+ Eliminate Distractions: Sorry Facebook, I'm talking about you. I've learned to really value my time and because of that there's certain things that just haven't made the cut. Facebook is a really great platform for your blog, but it's also a huge time waster. I'm not saying you have to delete you account but become more aware of the time it takes away from everything else. Even if it's just minutes, these add up. 

+ Get up Earlier: There's all kinds of situations out there. I have a child, and a full time job so I'm already up early. But, being up early eating breakfast with my family versus being up early working, by myself, with no distractions are two different things. Because of my particular scenario I have to get up real early. Yours may be different. Either way, getting up early leads to productivity and that's what it's all about. . 

+ Prioritize: Starting a blog or business, while simultaneously working a full-time job, parenting, or having any sort of 'other,' takes prioritizing. It's fine to be overwhelmed at first, research what you need to get started and create a plan. 

(TIP: Create a calendar, color coding is always fun. Assign different days to different responsibilities, and only dedicate your time that day to things surrounding those ideas. Example, Monday's are for post planning, Tuesday's are for photos and editing, Wednesday's are for researching a topic you're unfamiliar with (SEO, meta tags, external links, social media, etc.). You'll adjust these as the weeks progress and tailor them specifically to what your current needs are. 

Don't Compare: I follow some really amazing people who are beyond creative and literally my heroes. The urge to compare myself and what I'm doing to their situation is really tempting. It's important to train yourself to fight off those feelings and understand that everything is relative. They most likely have a ton of time and experience on you. Instead, use those people as inspiration and motivation. 

+ Don't Do it for the $: Starting a blog and/or business is not easy, it takes a lot of work and it's rare you see a substantial return right away. But, if you really love what you're doing and are smart about it, I believe you'll get there. I think it's important to understand this before getting started.