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Living Room Tour

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Our living room is one of my favorite spots in the house. It's really bright and just a cozy place to hang. It's the room we usually spend the most time in so the goal was always to make it really comfy. As much as I prefer to take the lead on most of the decorating in our house, I want my husband and kid(s), as they grow, to enjoy the space as well. The goal is always to make it visually appealing for everybody and really have it relate back to our style as a family. Although it's constantly changing, and will most likely change again, I really like its current look.

Within the last few years I've begun to really get a feel for what I love in home decor. Most notably, and specifically shown in this room, incorporating bright colors or patterns. Especially in the rugs I choose. I think when it comes to deciding which direction you want to go with a space, that is a really good place to start. Once you find one you like, you can work in conjunction with the colors and/or pattern while figuring out decor and filling in the rest of the space. For me, it's a process, I'm young and on a budget and I don't want to rush it. There's nothing worse than forcing something just to be done with it, then walking by it everyday regretting it.  Spaces evolve as you do, enjoy the process.

I think an open concept in a home can be really beautiful. I grew up in a house that was somewhat open but for the most part had a clear division of rooms. I never knew the difference at that time but I loved the varying feel each room had, and actually still favor this. My mom's creativity and individuality really shined through in the theme, colors, and decor she chose. Now that's I'm calling the shots (for the most part) I really try to replicate this.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and I look forward to sharing more of our spaces with you!