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tribal prints
tribal print

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It's been a pretty crazy last couple of weeks. Life has taken some crazy turns and has left me with a renewed thankfulness for the people I have surrounding me. When I have moments like these I really appreciate where I live. There's no shortage of places I can go to gain perspective. The beginning days of the summer months have everything blooming and looking so beautiful. You can't help but look around and feel lucky for everything you have.

My sweaters have finally seen their last days in my closet (for now), and I'm happy to pack them up and say my momentary goodbyes. A print like this one can be really fun to wear. I love the color combination and the pop it creates off a background. It's a good one to keep handy for a summer night by a fire or out on the water. Having a bold print like this handy for an outfit, or even a room reno can help you incorporate some color and personality into what you're doing. Enjoy some of my picks below.