For the Casually Inclined

A shopping guide for the babes

baby shopping guide

Life speeds by and all of a sudden your best friends engaged and your sister's having a baby. You're not quite sure how you got there, but you're there, and you want to celebrate these times with cute things, obviously. Below is a gift guide to help you avoid the extensive hunt and find something as lovable as that future babe!

rylee + cru

Their one pieces and jumpsuits are my favorite but there's a ton of potential gift-worthy items here (tops, bottoms, dresses, and art pieces).

Fave Item: Pineapple Jumpsuit, $52

hello apparel

If graphic tee's are your thing, this is a fun place to shop. Less cliche, and more funny than the average, a perfect gift for a college bud.

Fave Item: I'm Not Tired One-Piece, $20

mini and beau

An assortment of brands, majority boy driven. A modern focus in design with geometric shapes and adorable mini joggers.

Fave Item: Random Dot Trackies, $49

spearmint baby

Really hard to choose what I love most about this shop. Between their pineapple lamps, swaddle designs, and baby chubbies, I'm extremely torn.

Fave Item: Donut Rattle, $12

saxon + sunra

Really beautifully made clothing for your baby girls, and a few for your baby boys. Many vintage inspired, and organically made. Bonnets, dresses, bathing suits, and one-pieces.

Fave Item: Delta Romper Sunrise, $59

marlow & mae

Who can refuse baby bloomers, and linen and corduroy ones at that. A small selections of items but each fabric and construction as perfect as the last.

Fave Item: Pennon Romper, $55