For the Casually Inclined

Fun with Neutrals


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These days, when it comes to choosing an outfit, there's a lot more thinking involved than there ever was. If we're headed out and C is coming with us I always have to consider a few factors, 1) where are we going 2) how much toddler chasing will be involved and/or necessary, 3) if said toddler chasing is involved, how much will I sweat? Funny, but all truths of a mom! This dress is an easy choice when it comes to a day out with our little guy. It's soft jersey material makes it really comfortable to wear and most importantly, easy to move in. All of this aside, I also love the options this dress gives you. Really minimilistic and neutral, you can create all different looks with it, this one in particular being really casual and skater girl-ish. An easy way to add a pop to this is with a shirt around your waist, adding a bright color or different pattern (gingham, stripes, flannel) can really add something more to the overall feel of what you're wearing.