For the Casually Inclined

Sugarfoot Summer 16


It's been a process but I'm excited to finally introduce Sugarfoot's Summer 16 line. The new items included are the Hometown Tee, Local Tee, Headed North Crop, and Lakers Raglan. The super soft feel and fall of this material is what I really love about these items and continue to love about my initial line. It's the type of tee that quickly makes it in to your weekly rotation. The goal for me was always to create really clean, good looking designs. Pieces that were casual, but could easily be dressed up and ultimately made an impact when you put an outfit together. Add a great material, and you have yourself some nice shirts! These designs were inspired by the area I was born and it seemed a fitting subject line to go with as it's a place that will always have my heart.

In deciding the type of theme I wanted to go with for a photo shoot, it was an easy decision to explore the beautiful landscapes of upstate New York. I grabbed one of my favorite people, some 1911 hard cider (try it, you won't regret it), and my camera and we ventured out. It was one of those picturesque summer nights that makes you want to roll the windows down and turn the music up. So here it is, featuring my extremely gorgeous friend Jess, I hope you enjoy Sugarfoot Summer 16.

Don't forget to check back for new designs this fall that will take a turn in a new direction :)