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Five Tees to Pair with Overalls


As a 30-something I've recently begun to question the number of t-shirts in my wardrobe. Maybe it's a comfort thing or maybe there's just so many fun options out there these days. My most favorite tee that I own right now is the Urban Outfitter's Truly Madly Deeply Jewel Stripe Ringer Tee. I love it's vintage vibe and the stripes and bright colors make it a perfect pair with denim. Overalls and a tee is an easy way to create a stylish look that seems pretty effortless. You can also play around with the look a bit and change it up depending on where you're headed. 


When it comes to choosing what to wear under your pair, there's all kinds of directions you can take it, so it's fun to choose something that shows off a little bit of your personality and personal style. My go-to's with overalls are usually stripe tees, graphic tees, or an off the shoulder look. I love something that's bright and different and will pop a little bit with the neutral denim. Below are five of my favorite tee picks.

UO Truly Madly Deeply Jewel Stripe Ringer Tee

Shein Ripped High-Low Pocket T-Shirt

MHCO I Heart MTNS Baseball Tee

Express One Eleven Off the Shoulder Tee

Sugarfoot Tomboy Tee


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