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5 Things to Do in Nantucket

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As first timers to Nantucket Kevin and I were unsure of our exact plans headed in to the island. Luckily, we had done some research and had gotten some first hand recommendations from friends so we were confident that would help steer us in the right direction. Looking back, we couldn't of had a better time and enjoyed this place more. If you're planning a trip there hopefully this helps you maximize your time like we did ours, enjoy!

1. Cisco Brewers

If I told you we didn't come here every single day we were in Nantucket, I'd be lying. As soon as 4PM rolled around, no matter what we were doing, we'd steer our bikes towards Cisco. A big reason for this was we had come to Nantucket to see one of our favorite bands Dangermuffin, and they were playing here everyday, but mostly it was just because this place is literally awesome. Great beer selection, a separate distillery, all different food truck options that include things like a raw bar, fish tacos, lobster rolls, grilled corn on cob, oven wood-fired pizzas (to name a few). Kids, and dogs are all welcome and to top it off they offer a free shuttle service to and from town so you don't have to worry about transportation. If live music, beers, and good food is your thing, this is your place.

Tips: Their Triple 8 Blueberry Vodka is delicious. Grab your beer then head over to the distillery and they'll give you a topper which makes for a really yummy concoction.

2. Food

We were able to hit a lot of places and eat a lot of food within our 3 1/2 day stint but some of my favorite experiences are the following,

This place was right across from where we stayed and it caught my eye right away. Set in a small Cape Cod style house, it has a really cool look and style to it. We actually grabbed dinner here one night as well (BYOB), which was also really good, but I highly recommend their breakfast. They work fast so you're in and out and the food is delicious. One of the best Eggs Bene's I've had.

Really, really good sandwiches. From town this is an easy bike ride and an easy stop if you're headed to the beach. The bread is freshly baked and they pile the sandwiches high with whatever ingredients you want. If you're a cookie fan like me, they make ones the size of your face and even sell the cookie dough if you want to take some home. Another family friendly joint, they have a big back lawn with picnic tables with enough space so the kids can run around but you can still enjoy your meal.

We got here late one night and ended up sitting at their bar. The lights were low, really cool decor, and they played good music so we were fans immediately. The food definitely sealed the deal, we shared a few dishes but our favorites were the Rye Cavatelli (Corn, Kale, Smoked Tomatoes, Brown Butter, Duck Egg Bottarga), Crispy Thai Style Broccoli (Peanut Sauce, Sambal, Lime Vinaigrette Slaw), and Bartlett's Farm Tomato (Buttermilk Mozzarella, Watermelon, Black Sesame)

3. Bike to the Beach

We had a blast renting bikes. We got them for our entire stay and I'm so glad we did. We tooled around pretty much everywhere, it was the best form of transportation and such a great way to see the island. Each day we took them out to the beach, which was about a 3.5-4 mile ride. It did us good because we were doing a lot of eating and drinking, but also it was just fun. Riding home each night as it was just getting dark, it was such a pretty setting coming back to a town that was all lit up and gearing up for the nightly activities. We had a lot of laughs channeling our former 12-year-old selves re-teaching each other how to pop wheelies (geeks).

4. Surf Lessons

I'm a wuss when it comes to the ocean but this was so much fun. This is a service available right at the beach and the instructors are great and make you feel really comfortable. The waves are small so it's a great way for you to start off if you're a first timer. I was in the water with a ton of really young kids which made it a fun atmosphere. I forced myself a little bit out of my comfort zone when it came to this activity and was really happy I did.

5. Rubberneck

This is a commonly used word within my family but if you're unfamiliar, it's basically just another term for being nosy. The beauty of this place makes it hard not to want to do this to some degree. Having bikes was perfect as we could ride through the quieter side streets and check out all the really cute homes. We made it down to the water as well and walked out on all the docks and saw some really amazing yachts, boats, and sailboats. It was just cool to see the detail so close up. A great way to enjoy an early morning coffee.