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Styling Frill Hemmed Pants


Summer has once again blown by, fortunately, this year we managed to get away and take a trip to Nantucket (more to come on that). I love the quiet side streets of this town, so much character to every place. It made for a fun backdrop for these photos and a perfect excuse to explore. 

frill hemmed pants 5
frill hemmed pants 2
frill hemmed pants 4

When it came to putting a look together for these pants I wanted to go for something simple on top. The white crop is always a great way to showcase a summer tan and paired nicely with the high waisted cut and blush color of these bottoms. With the frill part of these pants bringing the attention down towards the feet I went with a neutral color scheme in the shoe but also something fun that continued the personality of the pant and brought the whole look together.

I love how different these pants are from anything I have in my closet. I've recently found myself adding more of this type of structured look to my wardrobe. I like that it gives me different options style wise and it's perfect for the transition in to the fall season. Here a few other favorites and check my sources below.

frill hemmed pants 3
frill hemmed pants 7
frill hemmed pants 8
frill hemmed pants 1

I think you're officially old-er/ish if you take as many pictures as I did of window boxes, but I couldn't help it. The different combinations of things they used together were so interesting and really inspiring. It just made for a really beautiful display in front of the houses. Pair that with the cobblestone streets and the name plates on each house and it's pretty easy to fall in love with the charm of this place.