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Nursery Design, Baby Boy #2

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The time has come! Baby #2! We're really excited, possibly a little terrified, but that's what it's all about. It's a really fun time in life so as much planning and anticipation that goes in, we're trying our best to just relax and enjoy the ride.  

I love designing and remodeling rooms in our house, I wish I could do more of it and faster, but I've learned to be a little more patient and appreciate the evolution of it all. Creating a nursery is obviously the biggest and best excuse to redo a space so I'm excited to have that going for me. When it comes to the look I'm envisioning for this room, I've been a little conflicted and found myself pulled in a couple different directions. Because of that, I decided getting these plans down so I can review them visually is really the best way to go. It's a much better route than my usual impulse buy and plan-as-I-go type strategy. Not only will this bring us a much better, more planned out space, it'll be more time and cost efficient. 

I've really come to love more of a modern look to home styling so I'm bringing a few of those elements in to this space. As far as color, this is a really neutral palette. Initially I was going in the other direction with my planning but as I started to piece things together this is what I found to be really aesthetically pleasing. I don't think it screams "kids room" which for me is fine because long-term it'll change quickly, as our boy grows, and the furniture and items I use in here will be mostly interchangeable in other spaces in our home. The fun part will be styling and bringing in pieces that do give it more of a "kids space" feel with the artwork and different toys we choose to include. 

 So, this is Option 1, and I'm kinda diggin' it so far but stay tuned for a potential Option 2!

Rug, Rugs USA

Throw Pillows, Lulu & Georgia

Superhero Print, Etsy

Crib, Babyletto

Light Fixture, Domino

Roll With It Print, Pax & Hart

Rocking Chair, Urban Outfitters

Planter Basket, West Elm

Oh Baby Blanket, Homely Creatures

Knitted Cactus Cushion, Homely Creatures

Tpee, Tnees