For the Casually Inclined

Styling the Baby Bump


Getting dressed and styling yourself during pregnancy is always an adventure. There's definitely up's and down's and it can sometimes be a frustrating experience. But hang in there, fortunately it's temporary and there will come a day when you'll miss that bump. Now that I'm in my second pregnancy I'm a little more seasoned, and although some of these tips are pretty general and obvious, I've found that they can be really helpful. With that being said, hopefully they can be useful for some new, or future, mama's-to-be.  

ONE: Think ahead. Everything that you have in your closet (that still fits) is no longer logical for your current situation. Especially if you're headed out for a few hours, you want to be prepared. Obviously it's important you feel pretty, and have on something you like but you have a bowling ball that's coming with you so choose things that match up with that type of scenario. For example, in most cases these days I skip the jumpsuits and overalls, even though I love them and think most are really fun to style with your bump. Your life now consists of like, a thousand bathroom breaks, so something that you have to almost completely take off in the bathroom will just be a frustrating experience. 

TWO: This is a no-brainer, and even if you're not pregnant I'm sure you can imagine, it's important to dress for comfort. Super tight elastic waist bands, or waist lines that are constrictive in any way can be like having on a really uncomfortable pair of heels for the night. But remember, you're dealing with this pain real-time, and sober. When I'm headed out I'm usually reaching for a dress versus a pant, it gives me the best opportunity for comfort without any kind of waistline to have to deal with. A empire waist that provides a fit and flare silhouette always works best for me.

THREE: Shoe choice has never been so important. I usually go flat but again, it depends on what you're doing and for how long. The fun part about fashion these days is you can style a lot of outfits with sneakers, I try to snag a couple new pairs during this time because it's something to look forward to and gives you some options.

FOUR: With my first pregnancy I really had no clue about what I needed maternity clothing wise, and where to find it. Since, I've been able to explore a few different options and have had the best luck with ASOS , TopShop, and Nordstrom. Old Navy is great as well, they have really affordable and stylish options. You don't need to alter your whole wardrobe, you'll be surprised to find a lot of pieces that you already have that will carry you right through your second trimester. It has been my experience that a few pair of good leggings (I love Free People, they're really long and will fit right over your belly) and some cute dresses (ASOS has been my favorite for the best and coolest selection) mixed in with that you already have should help you get through most days where wearing sweats isn't socially acceptable. 


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