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A Valentines Gift for Him


Valentines Day is definitely tricky. To be completely honest, I've always been slightly bad at it. It's the day after my birthday so I admit to being slightly selfish in terms of where my head's at. This year I wanted to try and be different, be better, because my husband deserves it. But then the next question is, what the heck do you get a guy for Valentine's Day. It's actually kind of awkward, girl's are easy for the most part, chocolates/flowers/a massage or something in a similar category and I'd say you nailed it. For guys, there's a little more thought that's involved.

When I came across JORD Watches I was excited because I thought their style fit perfectly with who my husband is. He's an outdoorsy guy, loves adventure, and has a casual but very planned and purposeful sense of style. When I started exploring all of their options the Frankie Series jumped out to me, the dark sandlewood and emerald contrast especially was really eye-catching and different. I thought it was a really cool statement piece and matched up really well with something my husband would wear.

When it comes to gifts these days I'm definitely always thinking practical and hoping that what I choose will get the max amount of use. With our lifestyle this is a perfect watch for that because you're able to really dress it up or down. The woodsy feel it gives off makes it a cool piece to include when we're out and about walking our dog, or even shooting around with our hockey sticks in the driveway (yes, we do this). But, it's also a great watch to pair with an outfit out.

Something I also wish I did and will the next time around is engrave it. It's a special thing to include and definitely gives it more meaning. JORD offers this service, you're able to choose a message in block or script, or even your own handwriting. A small gesture but one that makes the gift more special and fun to look back on.

Looking for a gift for your girl? Check out their women's shop as well!


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