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I'm excited to start a new monthly series of my 'Favorite Things.' I'm a creature of recommendation and have found some of the best things through friends and casual conversation. I'll share with you, on a monthly basis, some of the things I've come across that I'm really excited about with the hopes that you might enjoy them too!


Kody Stewart Illustration is legit. She creates one-of-a-kind drawings of your people, pets, and homes that are super lifelike, but somehow make you envious of the cartoon version of yourself. Follow her on Instagram and watch her IG stories where she records the process of many of her projects (very addicting) or, order here for a really fun statement piece to include in your house, apartment, flat, abode, or wherever you may lay your head.


As a weekday commuter I'm always looking for a good Podcast to tune in to (so comment below with any recommendations!). Remember Richard Simmons? I had to refamiliarize myself a little bit with his story when I came across the Missing Richard Simmons series but I was instantly intrigued. A fitness guru, Simmons built an empire over the last 40 years through aerobic programs and extremely personal relationships with those struggling with weight issues. On February 15, 2014 he all of a sudden disappeared from the public eye not showing up to his regular scheduled classes, and cutting off his closest friends. The once, uncharacteristically accessible celebrity was now no where to be found. Interested? I was, check it out in a quick 6 part series.


This past March I was able to cross off a big bucket list item when we caught Eric Clapton live in concert. No surprise he brings some great opening acts with him and through this experience I was introduced to Gary Clark, Jr.. Best known for his fusion of blues, rock, and soul music, with some elements of hip hop, he's been deemed 'The Chosen One' sharing the stage with legends like B.B. King, Clapton, and the Stones. P.S. he's only 33. Want a good face melt? Check him out. A few of my favorites: Our Love (Live), Bright Lights, When My Train Pulls In.


Pennant fan? I'm always looking for some cool and different items to include in our home decor and when I came across these guys (hailing from Buffalo, NY woop woop!) I was pumped. They've taken an item that has been around forever and made it cool again. Shop their ever changing selection of pennants, banners, or grab a custom order for a wedding or other event.

Nursery Design, Baby Boy #2

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The time has come! Baby #2! We're really excited, possibly a little terrified, but that's what it's all about. It's a really fun time in life so as much planning and anticipation that goes in, we're trying our best to just relax and enjoy the ride.  

I love designing and remodeling rooms in our house, I wish I could do more of it and faster, but I've learned to be a little more patient and appreciate the evolution of it all. Creating a nursery is obviously the biggest and best excuse to redo a space so I'm excited to have that going for me. When it comes to the look I'm envisioning for this room, I've been a little conflicted and found myself pulled in a couple different directions. Because of that, I decided getting these plans down so I can review them visually is really the best way to go. It's a much better route than my usual impulse buy and plan-as-I-go type strategy. Not only will this bring us a much better, more planned out space, it'll be more time and cost efficient. 

I've really come to love more of a modern look to home styling so I'm bringing a few of those elements in to this space. As far as color, this is a really neutral palette. Initially I was going in the other direction with my planning but as I started to piece things together this is what I found to be really aesthetically pleasing. I don't think it screams "kids room" which for me is fine because long-term it'll change quickly, as our boy grows, and the furniture and items I use in here will be mostly interchangeable in other spaces in our home. The fun part will be styling and bringing in pieces that do give it more of a "kids space" feel with the artwork and different toys we choose to include. 

 So, this is Option 1, and I'm kinda diggin' it so far but stay tuned for a potential Option 2!

Rug, Rugs USA

Throw Pillows, Lulu & Georgia

Superhero Print, Etsy

Crib, Babyletto

Light Fixture, Domino

Roll With It Print, Pax & Hart

Rocking Chair, Urban Outfitters

Planter Basket, West Elm

Oh Baby Blanket, Homely Creatures

Knitted Cactus Cushion, Homely Creatures

Tpee, Tnees

Summer Adventuring

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Well as it always does,

summer is flying by. We've been lucky these last couple months as the weather really has been beautiful. I have put my energy towards indulging in everything that these sunny days have to offer, bbq's, time by the lake, festivals, and concerts, and time with family + friends. We have some upcoming trips planned that I'm excited to share afterwards but in the next couple of weeks I'm looking forward to getting back in to a routine and hopefully finishing some home projects that have been on my list for months. I look forward to sharing all of this this and more! 

I took a ride down the lake

to attend a Lavender Festival that was happening this past weekend. I was curious what it'd be like and it was just something fun and different to explore. It was a cool set-up at a really pretty farmhouse overlooking the lake. There were all different vendors set up throughout the property and you could grab a pair of scissors and cut your own lavender bunch to bring home for $5. Drying the lavender was the recommended use as it can last up to years this way. The process takes about 2-4 weeks total and after that you can incorporate it into your decor or use it for a fun DIY project. The herb gives us a really nice scent and is said to relieve stress, promote relaxation, and even soothe a headache. This stuff may come in handy :) 

Living Room Tour

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Our living room is one of my favorite spots in the house. It's really bright and just a cozy place to hang. It's the room we usually spend the most time in so the goal was always to make it really comfy. As much as I prefer to take the lead on most of the decorating in our house, I want my husband and kid(s), as they grow, to enjoy the space as well. The goal is always to make it visually appealing for everybody and really have it relate back to our style as a family. Although it's constantly changing, and will most likely change again, I really like its current look.

Within the last few years I've begun to really get a feel for what I love in home decor. Most notably, and specifically shown in this room, incorporating bright colors or patterns. Especially in the rugs I choose. I think when it comes to deciding which direction you want to go with a space, that is a really good place to start. Once you find one you like, you can work in conjunction with the colors and/or pattern while figuring out decor and filling in the rest of the space. For me, it's a process, I'm young and on a budget and I don't want to rush it. There's nothing worse than forcing something just to be done with it, then walking by it everyday regretting it.  Spaces evolve as you do, enjoy the process.

I think an open concept in a home can be really beautiful. I grew up in a house that was somewhat open but for the most part had a clear division of rooms. I never knew the difference at that time but I loved the varying feel each room had, and actually still favor this. My mom's creativity and individuality really shined through in the theme, colors, and decor she chose. Now that's I'm calling the shots (for the most part) I really try to replicate this.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and I look forward to sharing more of our spaces with you!

My Monthly Edit

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Glytone Night Renewal Cream

Getting older, in my experience, has actually been a lot of fun. But, as women we have extra pressures when it comes to body and skin changes. I think it's pretty central to first learn to embrace those changes, but also look to take care of yourself in the process. When it comes to your skin, paying for a good product is worth the money. Now that I'm in my 30's I see a dermatologist regularly, and use recommended products. Glytone is a great brand and an awesome anti-aging night cream to add to your regimen.  


I love house plants, and I have a lot of fun looking for different planters to pair them with. One of the best things about house plants is that they are super low maintenance. Most are really hard to kill, so forgetting to water them is usually a non-issue (bonus). The planter you choose to showcase can really help change up a space, and make it unique. Not to mention house plants are natural air purifiers, which can never be a bad thing for the place you're spending most of your time. 

Ear Climbers

I'm a minimalist when it comes to accessories but I love a good statement piece and ear climbers, I think, are the coolest piece of jewelry going right now. Etsy can be a really good source for these, a ton of different stores with all different options. You can go with something really simple for everyday, or add some spikes to your look for a fun night out. 

Cotton Bottom Designs

The really cool thing about our world today is there are so many creative people who are able to showcase what they do, and share it with the rest of us really easily. I come across new small businesses everyday that I instantly become obsessed with. Cotton Bottom Designs is one of those businesses. I love all the prints they come out with and the comfy material they use makes it an obvious buy for the ones you love.